How to choose my shirt?
Which shirt cut suits me ?

The optimal fit is the most important when it comes to the elegance of your outfit. We offer you all the variations that will suit your body type to perfection.

A perfectly fitting shirt is neither too loose nor too fitted but adapts to the shape of your body without being skin tight. You should be able to pass a fist between your chest and the fabric of your shirt. In the armpits you should be able to pinch about 2cm of fabric.


White shirt, 2cm pinched at the armpit.

How do I determine my shirt size?

You determine the perfectly fitting shirt by checking the seam of the sleeve. It should extend from your collarbone to the shoulder height; you measure this to the small ball on the back shoulder. If the seam falls, choose a shirt size smaller.


We advise you to let your shirt sleeves protrude 1.5 to 3cm out of your jacket sleeve, thereby making the connection to your shirt collar.

Make sure that the sleeve is not too long ... The shirt cuff must cover your wrist, even when you bend the arm. The sleeves of your shirt should be fitted, but not too tight. The test? You must be able to pinch about 3cm of fabric.


The hem of your shirt should be longer than that of a casual shirt, so you can tuck it into your suit pants. It must be long enough, without exceeding beyond your mid-buttocks. The test: tuck your shirt in and raise your arms. The shirt should not have slipped out of your pants. If you want to vary your jacket and pants, we recommend that you then choose a lighter colour for your pants rather than for your jacket.

Size Chart

How to choose the right shirt to fit your outfit : The 4 rules
The length of the sleeves

Make sure that your shirt cuff sits neither too wide nor too narrow.

longueur manches chemises

The transition shirt cuffs / jacket cuffs

longueur manches chemises

The transition shirt collar / jacket collar

col chemise

The transition collar / tie

The points of the shirt collar should always rest against the shirt. The tie should never protrude from under the collar at the back.

Ideal : the tab collar

The English collar, also called "tab collar", has a small button flap that connects the two collar points. This collar type must always be worn with a tie, which will be thus more emphasised.

col anglais

The white shirt with a tab collar.

Some areas for reflexion


The blue poplin shirt with classic collar

Right after the white poplin shirt with classic collar; the blue poplin shirt is a must for any wardrobe. You can combine it with all tie styles in shades of blue: whether the plain tie, club tietartan tie or knitted silk tie.

The white poplin shirt

It embodies both masculine simplicity and elegance. It can be worn with all types of ties of different colours and patterns.

chemise blanche

chemise grenadine


You can absolutely also mix patterns, however you should make sure that these have different sizes. For example, if you wear a pinstripe shirt you can combine a striped tie with it, but make sure that the stripes are wider on the tie compared to the shirt, so that it does not lead to visual confusion.

The plain tie is the most formal of all the ties.

It can be combined perfectly with checked shirtsstriped shirts or other patterned shirts. If you wear a patterned jacket and shirt, a plain tie is the most suitable.

Be careful not to coordinate everything. At least one element of your outfit should step out of line. For example, if you wear a dark blue suit, a tie of the same colour with a light blue shirt and navy blue socks, then make sure you wear the pocket square in a different colour. If you do not wear a pocket square, opt for socks in another colour instead!

pochette blanche

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